Outlook: Policy to Enable/Disable the new Outlook for Windows for an entire organization

The new Outlook for Windows desktop client is available to customers in the Office Insiders Beta Channel. We will continue to roll out the option to try this preview client to Office Insiders in Current Channel (Preview) starting in early October to provide the best emailing experience for your employees. If you do not want your employees previewing this new client yet, we are also releasing a policy to disable access to the client for any of your organizations.

How this affects your organization:

This group policy will be available at the end of September. By default, the policy will be set to ‘null’, meaning that employees can add their organization’s accounts to the new Outlook for Windows. If your employees are part of the Office Insiders Current Channel (Preview) and you want them to try the new Outlook for Windows, there is nothing you need to do. 

However, if you would like to disable access to the new Outlook for Windows for now, you can set the policy so that current and new accounts for your organization are prevented from syncing their accounts to the new Outlook for Windows. This is an improvement on the cmdlet parameter that we released in May which required disabling access for every individual in the organization. Follow this link to learn more about how you can use policies and cmdlet parameters to control access to this new client.

Enable or disable employee access to the new Outlook for Windows

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