Outlook on the web – Project Moca migrating to Outlook board view

Thank you for using the public preview (MC224257) of Project Moca! It was a success, and we will begin migrating content from Project Moca to the new Outlook Calendar board view in July. All boards and content will be migrated and users will not lose any data.

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Registration available for View Only Attendees

View-Only Attendees are now able to register for your Webinars as a normal attendee would. Previously, View-Only Attendees did not have registration support.

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Announcing self-service purchase capabilities for Windows 365

Windows 365 was announced on July 14, 2021.  Today we are also announcing that self-service purchasing capabilities are coming soon for Windows 365.  Individuals worldwide (excluding India) will be able to acquire a subscription for the following products as early as August 15, 2021: 

  • Windows 365 Enterprise
  • Windows 365 Business


SharePoint News Boost

This new feature will allow you to prioritize important news and announcements at the top of news feeds across Microsoft 365.  Additionally, you can even prioritize visibility of a news article for a set time that you can control.

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Content type sync enhancements and site gallery

Following the release of the modern experience to manage SharePoint enterprise content types, this release will update the experience to manage site content types as well. This update includes a new sync mechanism for content types that moves from a “push everywhere” model to a “pull as needed” model, making it faster and more reliable.

  • Once Standard Release rollout is complete, the gradual phasing out (retirement) of the old sync mechanism for content types will take place through September.


OneDrive sync client will no longer be supported on Windows Server 2008 R2

The OneDrive team is committed to bringing you the best, most secure experience possible across your devices. As such, we are ending support for the OneDrive Desktop application (sync client) on Windows Server 2008 R2 and focusing our resources on new technologies and supported operating systems.

Note: Extended support for Windows Server 2008 R2 ended in January 2020.


We’re updating the Hybrid federated search

We’re making some changes to the Hybrid federated search. As part of search modernization in Microsoft 365 we’re updating the infrastructure used by SharePoint Server’s Hybrid federated search. As part of the process, customers who are using the Hybrid federated search with hybrid SharePoint deployments will need to update their configuration to continue using hybrid search with SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online.

If you are not actively using or have implemented the Hybrid federated search with on-premises SharePoint, you can safely ignore this communication.


Yammer: Community Header in Yammer Embed Feed

Previously, embedded community feeds did not surface the community name, description, or ability to join. In an effort to give users more context and ability to engage deeper with the feeds, we are adding the community name, description, and ability to join/leave at the top of the community feeds by default. When clicked, the community name will take users to the community page in Yammer.

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Reminder: Skype for Business Online retires July 31, 2021

Note: If your organization has already transitioned from Skype for Business Online to Microsoft Teams, please disregard this message.

Originally announced in MC219641 (July ’20), as Microsoft Teams has become the core communications client for Microsoft 365, this is a reminder the Skype for Business Online service will retire July 31, 2021.


Microsoft Information Protection: Exact Data Match to support auto-labeling (client-side)

Organizations will soon be able to configure new or existing client-side auto-labeling policies using Exact Data Match (EDM) sensitive information types, enabling more granular control over labeling sensitive content.

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