SharePoint Integration in Viva Learning

Viva Learning is changing how it handles permissions settings for any SharePoint-hosted content your organization has added to Viva Learning. Beginning June 16th, Viva Learning will only support Microsoft 365 Groups permissions for the content added through the SharePoint integration. Viva Learning will no longer honor user, or SharePoint based permissions. This means, you will need to configure users’ access to your organization’s SharePoint-hosted Viva Learning content through Microsoft 365 Groups. Instructions are provided at the links below.

When this will happen:

June 16th, 2022

How this will affect your organization:

After June 16th, if you add files or folders added to the Viva Learning content repository with only user, or SharePoint level permissions applied, they will not be accessible in Viva Learning. However, Viva Learning will continue to honor any permissions configured through Microsoft 365 Groups.

For the files and folders that are already added to the Viva Learning content repository, any update made to these documents will not reflect in Viva Learning until these documents have permissions configured through Microsoft 365 Groups

What you need to do to prepare:

Before June 16th, please review your Microsoft 365 Groups permissions settings and ensure that they have been properly configured for your organization’s SharePoint hosted Viva Learning content. You can add content to Viva Learning through the SharePoint integration by following these instructions. For more information on how to configure Microsoft 365 Groups permissions, please see these instructions.

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