Yammer Reactions are now inclusive

Skin tone preferences now available for users to choose from when they react using ‘like/thank’ reactions on the new Yammer.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 71785

When this will happen

This will rollout around mid-January 2021 and be complete by early February 2021.

How this will affect your organization

Users can open the skin tone modal by clicking on the Choose skin tone for reactions link found in Settings on the Yammer suite header.

Choose skin-tone for reactions link

Users can then select their preferred skin tone in the skin tone modal.

Inclusive Reactions now available

After selecting their preferred skin tone, the user’s selected skin tone preference (only seen in ‘like/thank’) is displayed when they hover over the like button.

Skin-tone shown in reaction picker.

After the user reacts, their skin tone preference is reflected in 1. the action bar and 2. the summary view.

Action bar view.

Featured Inclusive Reaction tone

Summary view.

Summary view

The default generic unrealistic yellow reaction hand color is used in the summary view when:

  • The user has not reacted
  • The user has not selected a skin tone preference

Choosing a skin-tone is optional. If users …

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