Revamped user profile page in Yammer

We are launching the revamped user profile page in Yammer to align with the new user experience framework that is followed in Yammer, and also introducing some new functionalities such as a cover photo, list of people who follow the user, list of communities the user is a part of, among other improvements.

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Yammer topic creators will now be able to edit the name/description of topics

Starting soon, in addition to Yammer network admins, topic creators will now also be able to edit the name/description of topics.

When this will happen:


Yammer Cross-geo external collaboration support on External Networks for the EU

With this release, members from Yammer networks located in the European Union will be able to be invited to Yammer External Networks hosted by a Yammer network located in the United States.

Note: For the subset of users of EU networks who had previously been active members of external networks, using an organization’s old network in the US geo, are reinvited to the external networks, their old profile will be marked as “deleted” without deleting any of the user’s content in those external networks.


Yammer: Support for EU members to be invited to External Networks hosted in the US

Members from Yammer Networks hosted in the EU can be invited to and participate in Yammer External Networks hosted in the US.


Yammer: Communities Expiry Autorenewal

Yammer activity is now included in activity-based automatic renewal of Microsoft 365 Groups. When a user has viewed a post within a Yammer community, the community will automatically renew group expiration.
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Yammer: New Administrator Role in Azure Active Directory (AAD)

,A new role is being added to Azure Active Directory titled, “Yammer Administrator”. Users who are assigned the Yammer Administrator role will be allowed to manage all aspects of the Yammer service.
More info:
Preview date: June CY2022


Restrict Yammer Community Posting

This feature allows network admins to manage the conversations that take place in key communities in their network through an admin setting to restrict posting. Once this setting is enabled, only community admins will have the ability to start a thread in the community while members can only reply and react to conversations.

Note: This feature will be default off when released.


Feature “Related content” is retiring from Classic Yammer

At this time, we recommend using the new Yammer experience and capabilities that are available for our current Yammer App users as we will be retiring the feature Related contentfrom Classic Yammer after December 20, 2021.

Key points:


Yammer: Mobile App Minimum Support Changes

For the Yammer app on iOS devices, iOS 14 or later will now be required for the Yammer mobile app. Phones running iOS 12 and 13 will still be able to use Yammer after the cutoff but won’t receive any new app updates. For the Yammer app on Android, anyone using an app version older than (released May 6, 2020) will need to update to the latest version. The latest version requires devices running Android 6.0 or newer.


Yammer: Official Communities

Official communities are designated communities to ask questions and get answers, to connect and learn from others. When communities are marked as official, they create legitimacy and build trust over the conversations and content shared. The interactions in official communities set the example within your organization’s network. Network admins designate the official communities in your organization.

Network admins will have the ability to designate the official communities in your organization.


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